How we treat

Healing from injury is a precise and continuous progression through structured physiological processes.

Your recovery is mapped

Our approach is to ensure you safely and successfully move through each of these phases, to regain your optimal non-compromised movement system. A disrupted or incomplete phase can lead to persistent pain, weaker structures and compensatory biomechanics.

To do this we map your recovery, and provide effective and efficient treatment taking account of the phase of healing your body is in, your needs and goals.

Our structured approach provides a scientific approach which sets you up for success:

Diagnosis & Healing Timeline

In your assessment we diagnose your injury, or receive information from your Surgeon or Physician, and set out your healing timeline.

    A person is holding a tablet displaying a management and healing strategy diagram with various interconnected factors like psychology, systems integrity, movement control system, external factors, and physical structures.

    Planning the Intervention

    Addressing the correct factors to achieve your goals is based on your body, your injury and our findings from the assessment.

      Action Plan

      Your guided recovery plan includes your:

      1. Physio Treatment Plan – to ensure you get the treatment and progression you need, when you need it.
      2. Your Step-by-step Management Program – this is given to you on a simple app with:
        • Videos and explanations of your exercises.
        • Progress tracking functionality (outcome management).
        • Direct access for support from your Physio.
        • Information you need to make your recovery easier.
      An image of a geometric shape on a black background.

      Appointment information

      We offer different appointment durations to consider your time, injury requirements and budget factors.


      This is appropriate for a complex assessment and a WellMom Post-Natal Assessment, with treatment, and planning/report.


      Our standard appointment time for new assessments, and for follow-up treatments and progressions.


      This is a consultation to address a specific problem, or for progression of your rehabilitation.

      Single Intervention

      Laser therapy, strapping, mobilising a locked or stiff joint, dry needling a persistent spasm, or re/assessing for advice.

      Embark on your journey to recovery

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