About Carmen Physio

Our aim is to provide professional therapy with sincere care, and celebrate your successes!

Meet Carmen!

Carmen Andrews’ practice reflects her appreciation of the body’s complexities, and what it takes to simply have pain-free, healthy movement.

She is a skilled and experienced physiotherapist who ‘gets’ movement beyond the straightforward biomechanics.

Carmen has an absolute passion for being active and running. She was competitive in track, long-distance adventure racing and mountain bike stage races, and had fun in the challenges of learning rock-climbing, enduro, yoga and Pilates. She now maintains her balance with functional kettlebell training and fun weekend events, while learning power-lifting and still enjoying running.

Her practice is founded on skills gained from her personal sport experience, continuous professional development, and holistic life learning.

Her patient care is an expression of her sincere commitment to improving individuals’ lives by reducing physical discomfort.

It was Carmen’s love for sport and exercise that became the springboard for Women’s Health Physio services that are offered at Carmen Physio. She began her research into the specific topic of postnatal rehabilitation after returning to sport after the birth of her first child, seeking the same level of evidence-based practice as there is in the field of sports injuries. Combining her new-found expertise in Woman’s Health Physiotherapy, and her extensive knowledge in sports and spine care,has led to Carmen’s unique focus and skill in helping women return to normal, or better physical states, in their postnatal recovery.

One of Carmen’s favourite adapted quotes:

“The more I know, the more I see I don’t know.”

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Meet Kat!

Katleho is our delightful and experienced secretary who oversees the physiotherapy practice diary, as well as the diaries of Juanita Bouwer Biokinetics and Sarah-Jane Humphrey Biokinetics.

Kat manages all physiotherapy administration, queries, and any medical aid claims problems. She loves interacting with people, and easing pain by bringing a smile.

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