Our approach to treating each running injury keeps one thing in mind - putting your optimal recovery first. We listen to your history, concerns and goals to find the most suitable management plan.

All questions are welcome!

  • “How do I start running? I have an old injury...”
  • “Can I run through pain?”
  • “How do I manage the injury but still make the race I booked?”

We make use of innovative and evidence-based interventions and rehabilitation to achieve results.

Running specific assessments tools we use:

  • Online movement assessment from which we can draw objective and accurate reports. These serve as great motivator and measure of progress!
  • EMG assessment
  • Video gait analysis with additional information from worn devices

We interpret the data that these tools provide in the light of our knowledge of the biomechanics of running and pathology relating to running injuries. This allows us to tailor a unique treatment plan for your injury and manage your running load to allow return to running asap, while still aiming to address the causing factors.

We may use running specific treatment tools such as:

  • EMG Training
  • Running gait retraining
  • Running technique drills
  • Running training program optimisation
  • A cross training program that will give you, personally, the best result for time invested

Whether you are training for your tenth Comrades, your fist 10k, or a tough trail run, we have what it takes to help get you back on the road.

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